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Auto Reel Changer / Flying Paster


Introduction – BPL50

Auto Reel Changer can be supplied with the press or retrofitted replacing existing reel feeding units to boost production and for better print quality. Dancing roller system holds web tension constant, even during splicing. Control system attached to electric brake ensures tension in paper web is constantly held at pre-set valve, irrespective of reel size and web speed.

Features -BPL50

Fully automatic flying paster – Engineered to splice every time

  • Compact 2 arm turret design
  • Rated for 50,000 CPH
  • Highly reliable electric brakes
  • Sturdy 50mm cast iron sideframes
  • Unit mounting and through driveline provisioins
  • Motorized sidelay
  • Fully automatic splice cycle
  • No press driveline connection required
  • Reliable PLC control and simplified operator panel
  • PID loop and diameter compenation provisions
  • Lifts new roll from floor/no hoist or carts
  • Striaght line paste pattern
  • 2 air shafts with each paster
  • Highly responsive dancer based system

Specifications - BPL50

  • Maximum web width: 35″/889mm
  • Maximum roll diameter: 45″/1143mm
  • Splice core diameter: 3 stage selectable rance modifiable
  • Maximum splicing speed: 45k cph
  • Turret rotate to load new roll diameter: 20″/505mm
  • Roll sidelay: +/-12mm
  • Brakes: electromagnetic – fully automatic
  • Airshaft – steel lug, aluminium body for standard 3″ fiber core
  • 380-460 vac – field selectable voltage – single point connection


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